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Massive Sound part Deux

So yeah, some nifty crap did drop 1980-82 (Gang of Four debut, etc), of course, but my generalizations remain true, dammit, for generalization; and those examples that we think of are those still sung in critical psalms to this day. Frankly, I'm old enough to be getting bored of those records. Know how some records grow on you? Someday I'll blog about those that grow off. You know the ones I mean (the recent Cat Power comes to mind ....)

Back to The Sound. I dug up my reissue of their Jeopardy album, in my opinion a little better than From the Lion's Mouth, and virtually absent from stores until reissued by Renascent in 2001.

My favorite track by the Sound, no reason, I just like it most:
The Sound - Unwritten Law
And now for Wolf Parade's blueprint, complete with almost-cheesy keyboards soon to be stolen by the b52s:
The Sound - Heyday
Their only real hit:
The Sound - Heartland
My second favorite, stunning for what it does in 1980:
The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself
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