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The Vice of the VP

Is it obvious to anyone other than me that Dick Cheney was probably hammered when he shot a guy on his 'hunting trip?' Like golf, most 'hunting' is an excuse to drink in public without inviting a summons or having to drive home. And you don't really need to be sober to hunt a fat slow bird that's easy prey for a ten-year-old with a wristrocket.

If Dick hit a buddy with buckshot, he probably hit the quail too, right? Produce the quail. As far as the 14 hour delay between the shooting and the cops being able to address things, I'm not sure why everyone's so worked up: that was probably only to allow the secret service to dispose of the prostitutes.

Imagine if this poor guy dies? We have the VP investigated by a grand jury. Nothing will come of it, of course, but just the stink of it would smell like flowers.

Saw Jimmy Carter on a Daily Show rerun. Your assignment for today as a current or potential DJ: download and repeatedly play this track from the great Bar/None anth of poem songs released a year or two ago, entitled The American Poem-Song Anthology: Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush?

JC can run again if he wants to, you know.

Jimmy Carter Says Yes - Gene Marshall
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