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Aloha from Heaven

Like some people who shouldn't have a kid, some shouldn't have a blog.

And I wonder if one could concoct a formula for just the exact type of indie rock a computer-savvy webber blogger 20-30 something would be attracted to, because I'm muttering 'of course' under my breath when the blog-o-the-moment blabs holymoly about Arctic Monkeys, Gnarls Barkeley, Fiery Furnaces (overrated to the point of bleeding) et al. Some hype magnets, I like: Final Fantasy is real, especially musicianship-wise. Figurines and The Sounds don't exactly inspire yawning, but the former's 'single 'The Wonder'' is too Built to Spill without the skill, and The Sounds can't live for long by aping the Sahara Hotnights, whom I could really care less about anyway. The female-Kiss thing is done.

All of that said, I am happily stunned with what I hear so far off of the forthcoming Sonic Youth album. Amazing for a band that's sucked ass gravy for about ten years. And I say that as a man who sold his soul to their
Daydream Nation one 1988 night in the dark of his room, when he was seventeen, specificially to Kim Gordon's grunts, but that's a different story, and it wasn't exactly his soul that he sold.

This all brings me longwindedly-as-usual to what's not being said by all these virtual mouths: Aloha, and their new platter "Some Echoes." At least not on the blogs I survey daily. How can anyone forgo the beauty of "Brace Your Face," the brilliance of the drums, the non-gimmickry of a vibraphone, Zombies harmonizing, the tempo switch that drives to a choral melody that convinces me that there's a real songwriter in there, a notion I first arrived to, happily, while seeing Aloha at a CMJ-Amp Camp (thanks MDZ &DDZ) sponsored event last fall, at the Knit. Live, Aloha murked things up with some noise, but you can do that when you have songs to tease us into wanting to discover them. Like REM before 1987.

Nothing beats this song right now.

Aloha - Brace Your Face
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