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the unforseen benefits

One lovely little side effect of my 50 free Emusic downloads has been my newfound ability to download a few tracks from albums I own only on vinyl. I know, I could forsake Luddite-ism and begin to burn my vinyl to disc, but I'm lazy like that. And I've had a stomach virus which had me doing the good 'ol porcelain pushups, if that's not too much information.

Both of the following tracks are from albums I'm not really hyper about, but can't seem to find the spine to sell or give away. Now that I have the mp3 from Enon, I'll probably sell High Society, the album that spawned it, although every so often Enon surprises me with an errant b-side which is much more interesting than their overly-complex guitar pop. Btw- it's the rhythm section.

Enon --Disposable Parts

I find the Flaming Stars slightly more enjoyable, and mostly in a sentimental sense, since their pivotal member Max Decharne was an erstwhile member of the late great Gallon Drunk, one of my favorite offenders of the early nineties. Completely unware of them, I caught Gallon Drunk open for PJ Harvey in Washington DC at the old WUST center (accompanied by the Undeniable Truth of James Kline) which I think now is the new site of the 9:30 Club; back then in 1993, it was the type of 'hood that saw terrorism every day. Harvey was great; this was the Rid Of Me tour, when she still played guitar, and so it's saying something that Gallon Drunk almost upstaged her. I'll do a complete Post of Justice on them sometime soon.

I have the following Flaming Stars track on something called A Walk on the Wired Side out of England on Vinyl Japan records; this particular download comes from a collection on Emusic called Ginmill Perfume, on Alternative Tentacles in the US. They're now on Ace Records.

The Faming Stars - You Don't Always Want What You Get
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