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Bad Mood Rising

Wolfmother: makers of hype-victims. Godawful horse vomit I thought died with Billy Corgan. There can only be one Led Zeppelin, and I don't even like Led Zeppelin.

Gnarls Barkely: a single from a waste of an album.

Beirut: interesting & skilled but overrated -- so far. Might just be too young. He should take a vacation until he's 23, or until he's been pegged by someone in Xiu Xiu.

Twilight Singers: getting hype only because it's one of the few above-awful things on Emusic. Dulli's true music was made long ago. And much of it was santorum.

Raconteurs: Yaaaaaawn. The new Asia, but I'd rather listen to GTR.

Danielson: Where's everyone been? Why now? He made this album ten years ago, but no one listened. So you're all not allowed. I'm pulling indie-cred rank.

Sunset Rubdown: Why would anyone want this over the Wolf Parade album? Half finished songs should bring down the list price.

Pear Jam: I thought you were dead. Please go back there.

Nouvelle Vague: Most covers are like comedy albums - you listen to them once and then rarely again. But if they're custom made to end up in heavy rotation at the local Starbucks or Pottery Barn, like those by Nouvelle Vague, you'll hear them constantly, you yuppie scumbag Banana Repulblic fellating knob gobbler.
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