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In the dead of night, love bites

Yeah, I'm a baseball fan and last night's Boston v Yankees battle had me glued in disgust. You walk David Ortiz. Buck Showalter would've. This is how I feel:

But that's Ty Cobb. Racist, sure, although you couldn't argue with how he played the game.

You also can't argue with another good song from the new Sonic Youth album:

Sonic Youth - Reena

And for the simple glee of it, I'd like to mention that all Judas Priest videos are now much more entertaining than before, and not because their drummer (thanks, Mr. Tapeworm, for the reminder) was in trouble for molesting a disabled child. I was watching Halford and gang last night, and all I could think was ---

In the dead of night, love bites. Love bites.

Does it Rob? Does it really?
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