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The Right Hand of Emily Dickinson

According to Snatchfork, Will Oldham's new album is entitled Then the Letting Go. It's probably safe to say he's quoting Emily Dickinson:

as freezing persons recollect the snow--
first chill--
then stupor --
then the letting go --

In other news, about me, I'm going to see SunnO))) and Boris tonight. Big show in all the Circles. Had to use The Contacts to sneak in the back door. Boris is a rare sighting, and along with them, SunnO))) and their label, Southern Lord, were covered in the times this past Sunday. I don't like getting scooped by the NYTimes magazine, especially on arts issues, especially since I've been preparing something big for The Contacts, to follow this concert, even though the NYTimes article was by the interesting youngish novelist John Wray, whose The Right Hand of Sleep, for a debut, was good enough for readers to overlook it's inclusion of that debut-novel pratfall of connecting A to Z with a weak L to T section, swinging between parts of the plot like a rope bridge. Bring back the novella.

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