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J Frank Parnell's Non-Chemical Vacation

J Frank is removing himself to the Land of the Ice and Snow until July 10, during which time his lobotomy hole will be trepanned and reloaded with Cumberland Farms' green Jungle Koola and Pop Rocks.

Until then, I'm offering an aimless mix of music, save for the topical first track.

Roky Erikson - The Pledge of Allegiance
This breaks my heart in 50 places, and not just for the current shape of my country. Recorded by his sister, clandestinely, while Erikson did (another) stint in a sanity-propping facility.

Roky Erikson - You're an Unidentified Flying Object

Hear the bug zappers? The satellite dishes? The open sky bringing his beloved down to him via a beam of light only he can see?

Four Tet - Glue of the Otherworld
Yes, the bloopy bleepy, but an organic, beautiful one from Four Tet. No beats until 1:12.

The Embarrassment - Elizabeth Montgomery's Face
Along with the Modern Lovers' "Astral Plane," possibly the best song about masturbation, if only because it involves watching "Bewitched." From the band that became the more immortal Big Dipper.

End Credits: Simple Men - Ned Rifle

Cue #53/62: Simple Men - Ned Rifle
Opening Credits: Simple Men - Ned Rifle
Ned Rifle is only a pseudonym for Hal Hartley, director of said film and others, all acquired tastes, some effective, others abject failures. But at least he's all about risk, which is rare for an American. And he gives good soundtrack.

Crowded House - In the Lowlands
I think it was spring 2005 that CH drummer Paul Hester lost a lifelong battle with depression and hanged himself in a park near his home in Australia. A damn shame. Some would think it surprising someone from such a sunny pop band would do so, but do not mistake Crowded House - their soph effort, Temple of Low Men, was a knotty and pleasing bit of complex, dour, and sometimes vicious pop.

Little Willie John - You Hurt Me
The liner notes state that the backing band on this cut is 'unknown.' But you can bet they'd been drinkin', even though they said they'd been trying to stop. Which is what five-foot-nothing Little Willie John needed to do, just to avoid stabbing a guy and then later ending up dead, due to guard-fist induced pneumonia, in a Pacific Northwest prison.

The Rock*A*Teens -Don't Destroy this Night
The Rock*A*Teens - I Could've Just Died
The Rock*A*Teens (RIP?) are very hit or miss for me, most recently miss; but in their bleak tales of suburban and exurban drunkenness, they sometimes drop a lyric that stops me dead: "I crashed through the glass table in the den" or "let's take a walk/so we can sit and talk / by the muddy canal / that flows behind the mall."

Dump - Clarity
Dump - My Head in Your Hands
James McNew's dayjob as Yo La Tengo bassist grows more endangered with increasingly crappy YLT albums and increasingly better albums under his Dump moniker.

The Brakes - Hi How Are You
The Brakes - Pick Up the Phone
The Brakes - Cheney
The Brakes - Heard About Your Band
The Brakes, a British Sea Power side project, released one of the funnier albums this side of Mclusky, their debut Give Blood, in early 2006. Among longer joke hits like "Heard About Your Band," they sprinkled the record with wonderful shorts like the noisy concertgoer -poking "Hi How Are You," the political, four word rant "Cheney," and the delightful, romantically challenged maniac narrating "Pick Up the Phone." All three under a minute.

Grandpaboy -Let's Not Belong Together
Grandpaboy -I'll Do Anything
Grandpaboy - Kickin' the Stall
Grandpaboy - Between Love & Like
I had earlier mentioned that the two new Replacements' songs were horrible, and that the real reunion had occurred on 2002's
Mono, under Westerberg's 'Grandpaboy' pseudonym. Here's the proof. Nothing earthshaking, but easily the best stuff Westerberg's done since All Shook Down.

I'll stop now before I really get out of control.

Please buy records from artists who need the money.

See you in a week (or so).

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