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June 6, 1966, at 6pm

A religious holiday approaches:

National Day of Slayer.

Remember to follow the rules closely. You do not want to displease the man who bathes in a lake of fire. (thanks to the Rich Girls are Weeping for leading J Frank to this).

Celebrate more completely with WFMU's Metal Genre Education Kit.

Lost Oughts: Colder is only one dude, Paris resident Mark Nguyen, he of the laptopping recording program stuff, electro-half, live-half, some stuff good, some bad, usually interesting. Mr. Tapeworm calls it the bloopy bleepy. I like that.

I like spotting Nguyen's samples. Like using U2's "Like a Song" (but I can't fish up that mp3 at the moment; here's their Martin Hannett-produced version of "11 O'Clock Tick Tock(mp3)" -- note the similarity to JD's "She's Lost Control") for the beginning percussion of ----

Colder - Downtown

off of 20o5's mostly mediocre full length, To The Music. The title track --

Colder - To the Music

samples, I think, albeit sped up in pitch, this:

Roxy Music - Dance Away

-although I can't be sure. It could be the beginning of Roxy Music's "Same Old Scene."

Colder's 2003 debut, Again, was nifty; patchwork sounding, but novel all the same. Although the track "Where"(mp3) is not sampling the Zombies, it comes close to one of my all-time dream loops, that of the beginning percussion of the Zombies' "Time of the Season;" I once recorded a crappy something-or-other with that loop. Maybe I'll offer it someday.

The lead single, "Crazy Love (mp3)" got mucho blogplay, but it's a little much for me, although that phat bassline evokes Peter Hook's JD days, but that's all it does. Which brings me to this, which is miles better:

Jah Division - Heart and Soul Dub

I have this on vinyl, which is the only way you can have it, I believe. See the great label The Social Registry for this and other rabble-rousing slices of heated and cooled plastic.
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