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Back When We Were Smart

The new Sloan single is floating around out there. It'll make your afternoon, but little else.

And because I'm fully 25% Swedish, with living relatives there (can I please visit?), and she's touring with my daughter's fave, Jens Lekman, here's something freshly delivered to J Frank's gmail from Secretly Canadian:

Frida Hyvonen -- You Never Got Me Right
(to hell with umlauts. -Ed)

I suspect this will grow on me, just because she gets pretty crazy halfway through. It subverts the preciousness.

The Rich Girls are Weeping has a nice rethink of a NY Times article about the 'death' of cd emporiums. Real music geeks never took those stores seriously anyway; they're over-priced CD outlets catering mostly to tourists, students, and retarded kids who of course find iTunes as exciting as digging in crates, which they've never done. The kind of store that carries a million Radiohead bootlegs and little else, and it's all $15 or up. Some hidden treasures, but no Wowsville (RIP?). Vinyl stores like Bleeker Bob's do their real money on Ebay -- BB's in-store stuff is so overpriced, I've only ever been in there a few times, it makes me so mad. Rocks in Your Head is the real gem, and yeah, Other Music, the partially overpriced Gimmee Gimmee Gimme (RIP?), Kim's, and a smattering of fly-by-nights and stalwarts in all boroughs, but everyone with sense just waits for the WFMU Record Fair, spends an irresponsible wad of cash there, and then listens to what they've bought over the course of the ensuing year.

And a bit of last night: While at my fave Brooklyn watering hole, inspired by the frequent Stones' songs splitting up a nice batch of VU, Yo La, and GBV, a friend and I had a debate of all things Jagger vs. Richards. I'm not much of a Rolling Stones fan, or at least a very, very picky one (maybe 6 songs total) and I prefer them 1976-82, which is akin to rock apostasy, I'm told. But I think their psychedelic stuff (the fecal "She's Like a Rainbow") betrayed their strengths, and was probably inspired only by an effort to compete with what sold records at that time (it worked, saleswise, for the record).

My buddy mentioned that when Jagger decided to go solo, Richards apparently told him that if he did so, they'd forever depelete the Rolling Stones of good material. That's exactly what happened. Jagger's mostly stupid pop solo work excepted, the only decent Rolling Stones material after 1985 can be found gasping for air on Keith Richards' solo records. They're not masterpieces by any stretch, and sometimes cornier than Jagger (hence Main Offender's title and "Bodytalks." Ugh.). But Richards' solo albums are also infrequent and obvious proof that he now saves his lesser ideas for Stones records, aka tour promos. The solo efforts are delightfully unbusy, simple rock trio arrangements, with a nifty surprise or two, like the straightforward Motown impression "Hate it When You Leave" from Main Offender.

My personal reason for picking up his solo work on the cheap, whenever I can, stems from a Replacements show Mr. Tapeworm and I attended in 1987 or 88, whence the Replacements opened up for Mr. Richards. The 'Mats, in suits like they were at a wedding, won over the assembled and skeptical Hell's Angels despite being Bob-less and mistake-rife. Satisfied, we contemplated leaving, but stayed to give Keith a chance. We were smart that night. Richards was amazing -- Chuck Berry alums, extended reggae covers, full on rock and roll, and maybe one stones song, if that, and it was "Happy." Very little talk, mostly one-two-three showmanship, a real here-it-is-and-fuck-you-ness, anti-spectacle thing. Hard to hate him now, even if he did haveto get his blood washed. And heck, the guy can have skull surgery and still play out. They ought to make him a part of stem cell research.

From Main Offender
Keith Richards - Wicked As it Seems
Keith Richards - Hate it When You Leave

From Talk is Cheap
Keith Richards -- You Don't Move Me
Keith Richards --Locked Away

That just felt very uncool. I need to post some new Brazilian electropop band or something, fast.
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