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Ursa Major Friday

They're not as lost as most, but lost more than they deserve. To my knowledge, Big Dipper records are out of print. Sporting alums of the Volcano Suns, the Embarrassment, and Dumptruck, Big Dipper's never received the reissue treatment afforded those bands. After dropping two of the best mid-eighties indie pop records, the inimitable Heavens and the nearly equal Craps, they followed with the worst major-label debut ever, Slam, whose failure they couldn't survive. They weren't angst ridden or good looking enough. They didn't break any new ground. They just wrote indeliable pop songs. And I don't think any of the members are very invovled in musical endeavors anymore. Which makes them really lost. And sad to think about.

These are all from Heavens.

Big Dipper - When Men Were Trains

Big Dipper - She's Fetching

Big Dipper - All Going Out Together

I envy those just discovering this stuff now.
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