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Under my embarrassed radar

I've been a weak blogger of late, despite Excuses I've got, I promise. As penance, here, I will reveal that I missed the second Little Killers album, A Real Good One, last April, on Gern Blandsten. I have no idea how I slept on this one, having enjoyed their self titled debut, on Crypt rekkids, so much. Maybe Gern spent nothing on promotion. Maybe I lose brain cells faster than I think I do with the little I have left already.

This isn't complicated stuff by any stretch, which is funny, because so many people get it wrong. The LKs's are nothing more than a garage band, but there's some sort of shimmy in there, maybe a boogie, that reminds me of how Little Richard would run a garage band. The Stooges are probably pretty important to them, but I suspect also the Sonics and Chuck Berry.

I've seen them a handful of times around their native(?) NYC, and I recall hearing the lead singer might have done time in the Sea Monkeys, a band run by WFMU Dj Dave the Spazz. I also suspect I dj-ed a show of theirs once. That might have been one of those years I don't remember.

And the LKs aren't exclusively boy stuff - the women in this trio outnumber the men 2 to one. But he gets to sing.

Emusic has both for download.

From A Real Good One:

The Little Killers - Don't Leave Me

The Little Killers - You Better Be Right

From their self titled debut--

The Little Killers --Happy

The Little Killers -- Spider
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