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You say piano, I say yo la piano

Please don't expect much from J Frank for a while. Certainly not daily entries. Closing shop on the old job last week killed any writing time. And when blogger or ezarchive were/are down, which lately seems like always, I can't wait around. Certainly not this week, learning the new stuff from the old boss, whom I replace beginning next week.

Speaking of the old boss, same as the old boss, I can at least tell you that Yo La Tengo have stepped back onto the right path with I Am Not Afraid of You etc, after much recent wrong path-ness since 1997, the year they released their last decent album, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One. Whenever I play 2000's And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, it sets off our carbon monoxide detector. At least I wake up before dying.

Bassist James McNew remains the secretest of secret weapons. He's certainly the source of the album's best song, "Black Flowers," which might be one for the greatest hits comp. Piano sounds like the main compositional instrument for most songs, and it's a welcome change from dead-end drone organ and breakbeats and whatever else sent their last few albums into the toilet.

Yo La Tengo -- Black Flowers

Yo La Tengo - Daphnia
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