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Because I Love You and Hate You


So what's to hate and love?

The new Bonnie Prince Billy single as a swell Kenny Rogers cover:

BPB - Buried Treasure

Heard the indie-Asia known as Swan Lake. It's a mess, and actually rehashes some of their individually older stuff. Too many cooks - dudes with such over-busy songwriting styles weren't meant to collaborate.

On the other hand, the new Curtains Lp, spinoff of Deerhoof, had me tapping my feet with glee.

Annuals? Weak. The Blow? I find 'em annoying, but can see the appeal.

The overhyped, while fun, Fujiya and Miyagi album Transparent Things isn't anything astonishing, but proves again it's who does it second, not first. Colder made two albums of this already.

The PJ Harvey Peel sessions disc, out soon, is frikkin' dynamite.

New Voxtrot single sounds like Queen. That's not a good thing.

Voxtrot - Trouble

Now doesn't that suck?

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