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The Subliminal Canon

I've suddenly come into so much unreleased music that there's really only one thing that would delay me from getting some of it to you, good or bad: Seefeel.

As mentioned the other day, Seefeel's Quique is being reissued, and it was one of the best cds I got to review as a young numbskull in the early nineties - thank God I liked it, too, or I'd be embarrassed. Or maybe I was wrong, and it sucks, but now the 14 year olds who were reading my reviews back then are now subliminally implanted with a canon I and my colleagues pushed thanklessly and then got jobs and stopped drinking and made new people (wanna read one of the first Sea and Cake interviews ...? I have their new one too, btw. Sucks. Wanna read raves for the first two Chavez albums? That was me).

As far as Seefeel info, find it yourself, but I do recall their two albums had marginal links to My Bloody Valentine and a definite link to Aphex Twin, as my copy thanks him in the liner notes.

So without further ado, the best all-anolog ambient-dub record made before the genre was named - but right before, because they may have minted it. Please be patient with these tracks. Like dub, basslines sometimes don't arrive until a minute in, especially the first one.

Seefeel -- Climactic Phase #3

Seefeel - Polyfusion


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