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Just Like Money

Whaddya know, something to love:

Up until today, when I learned that former Ride drummer Loz Colbert would be playing with the reunited Jesus and Mary Chain on their US live dates, I hadn't really been excited about or even concerned with the reunited J&MC. In their day, they put on some pretty shitty shows, and one I caught lasted a measly and boring 20 minutes. This was in the UK, no less, so it wasn't like they were tired from traveling or anything.

But I did also see Ride, live, Going Blank Again era. While I'm not keen on a Ride reunion, unless they were doing an ATP-type performance of Nowhere in its entirety (they went two-albums-too-far into their time together, and the prospect of that material returning makes my sphincter constrict), Colbert's presence alone makes the J&MC shows worthwhile.

That is all. I'm taking my kid to the fucking park.

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