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Urban Turns to Pastoral. Static Fades.

Part two in the 'geez, this is good for a slush pile cd" files:

Jensen Sportag. I forgot about this one until I heard a track this morning on Trouble's WFMU show, and so hurrah, Trouble, for backing my initially grudging like for this skewed bloopy-bleepy duo from Nashville, I believe. I also believe they've opened for Junior Boys, but that means nothing - I play softball with guys who, because they were in the right city at the right time, opened for bands like the Most Overrated Band of All Time: Smashing Pumpkins, or etc.

I also think Jensen Sportag have some sort of connection to Ariel Pink. Anyway, I'm happy to have this album, if only for the cover:

Not everyday you get to see an artist's rendition of carpal-anal penetration. At least not me.

Great website, too (above link was the myspace).

Oh: the music: It would be easy, lazy writing to mention Kraftwerk: who isn't making electro an not influenced by K-werk? So: clubby electro but then something more sometimes, and a song like Just a Part of Me reminding me of a similar masking-humanity-type-use of different electronic tools by Neil Young on his underrated Trans album (let the disagreements begin; that album is hated) in order to reflect his disabled kids' garbled communication skills; of course, the Young comparison begins and ends there. I also hear the kind of vocal manipulation you hear on Cher records. I bet they like Cher, too.

And then there's a nifty but almost jokingly retro-minded 80s synth pop song, something Naked Eyes would do, underneath the blizzard of pro-tools mania on Street Girls.

And to prove I'm not entirely krazy, here's yer Trans:

Neil Young - Computer Age
Neil Young - Sample and Hold (live in Berlin, 1982)

And because I'm feeling generous on this vernal equinox:

Sonic Youth - Computer Age

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