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Justice for McAloon

Like I said:

Prefab Sprout begins to get their due with taste and distastemakers.

And some quickies:

Every other song on the new Liars album is good.

The new Mekons record has its moments, and many of those moments passed me by unawares.

The new Richard Hawley album let me down a little, but then expectations were unfairly high.

New Minus the Bear makes me wonder what I liked about the last album (not that dreadful remix collection, either) besides the drummer.

That new live album by Life Without Buildings? Mint, baby. It raises hopes that the rest of the world will convert, but they won't. See "Pylon."

The new Okkervil River album? I doubt I'm alone in shelving this for later in the hopes I'll enjoy listening to it somehow.

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