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Contest: The Worst Blogs

Besides this one, what's the worst blog ever? We hear so much about amazing blogs, even suffer books purporting to collect excellent blog writing (aka, a good agent tricks old media into a healthy advance), but I've never read anything with a big enough set to chance collecting those blogs effectively serving as the equivalent of z-movies, or the movie The Other Sister, to be specific.

So I challenge y'all, since I do not have the time: what's the worst blog? Points go to celebrity blogs. Wedding blogs, while more than sufficiently awful, should be avoided, unless overwhelmingly cheesy.

As a prize, well, we can negotiate. Or we can just call you 'winner,' and you can skip needing coffee or harder drugs for 15 minutes.

Start your browsers.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - We Call Upon the Author
(from the new one)

That is all.

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