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New Pixies Album Gets Name: "Parting Is All We Know of Heaven"

I submit to you two parts of the new Pixies album that never was:

While the Breeders' Mountain Battles is their best since their debut, proving Deal was spewing out material during and following the Pixies' reunion whatever her damage, one listen to Svn Fingers eliminates doubt that at least Black was obviously writing with the possibility of a new Pixies album in mind: One, because it's good; two, because he does dead-on Kim Deal-impressions on the backing vocals (there were parts for her); three, it's not under "Frank Black" but Black Francis, the name he used as a Pixie, and four, lyrical content often pursues batshit nightmare territory equal to the vocal insouciance rarely heard since Pixie days. Indeliable songs help. And brevity. Only seven songs. He didn't fax this one.

I can't recall the last time Pitchfunk reviewed two separate albums at once, something they used to do quite often, probably back when they could afford one page for two albums, since ad revenue was good while the labels hadn't yet penny-pinched before waking up to their own demise.

Having trouble taking my word, oh true believer Pixies fan? How about this: I don't enjoy a single solo Black Thompson record. Not even a great show at Maxwell's in '97 made me want to buy one. As for the Breeders, "Cannonball" was just stupid, and you all know it.

They both leaked. Happy hunting.

Black Francis - Half Man
Black Francis - When They Come to Murder Me

See below for Breeders track if still up

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