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Alternative Distribution Insound

Not that I'm surprised, but it didn't take long for Insound to rollover, lift their leg, and become Warner/ADA's exclusive indie retailer-on-a-leash.

Future of the Left - The Lord Hates a Coward

On Insound's current homepage, each page refresh retains a two-thirds majority of ADA-distributed titles -- to the detriment of some refreshes not including, for example, Portishead's new record, which any retailer would be insane to omit from a permanent position on page one.

Best example? Death Cab for Cutie's new album Narrow Stairs comes out next week. Until this album, out on Atlantic (also Warner-owned, but ADA and Atlantic shall never meet), Death Cab's rapid-selling adult-emo-alternative albums belonged to Barsuk. Yeah, you guessed it: also ADA. But now that it's not ADA? Try finding it on the Insound homepage. Even with a few refreshes.

ADA was always rabid to brand their weak acts with some sort of indie cache. ADA sales flunkies, when retailers rejected their advertising/branding pitches for shitty bands, would often hand over said retailers' digits to said band's own management, and have them call and beg. Which was worse.

Now ADA can simply say, hey Insound: two-thirds of your homepage will push crap like Cloudland Canyon, Russian Circles, and Gentlemen's Auction House. Hooray!

I don't know why I bother complaining anymore.


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