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We Bake Fresh Rhymes Daily

I just listened to Girl Talk's new Feed the Animals.

Missy Elliot over Ziggy Stardust, etc. Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" as a bed doesn't need a re-use after Hoovertronics curbed that with David Banner six or so years ago. Not too inspired, but nifty just the same. GT is all about the hits and generational signifiers (Verve, Eminem), anyway. Seek your deep crate-digging elsewhere.

This time, GT/GG does create some interesting instrumental passages, though, almost DJ Shadowesque in their warmth, like the opening to "Tragedy" or midway in "Rockin."

In an interview with Pratchfunk, GT aka Greg Gillis also says there's no Beatles on the album.

Ok, Greg.



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