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Metal Ditties of No Tone

Today I'm feeling Deerhoof, makers of wig-out rock, daunting in the description department but here goes with: 10-year-old boy vocals by Japanese woman, small kit bellows big beat, munchabunch guitar, bounce bass. Dance if you're dusted on the dark shit, the no peace and love shit. Imagine Led Zeppelin if they were good, and listened to Beefheart.

Both tracks are from their latest full length, the oft blogged The Runners Four.

Deerhoof - Scream Team

Deerhoof - Spirit Ditties of No Tone

Maybe I come back to Deerhoof to justify, to myself, my recently unhip dipping into all things neu-metal, especially those pyschedelic Sabbath-channelers popping up on the Headbangers' Ball - which, by the way, is the only place on national tv where you'll see something interesting, metal fan or not. I'm talking the Sword, High on Fire, Witch, or Comets on Fire, who all share Kemado records as a label. And Dungen and Pelican as label mates, believe it or ... believe it.

They also all share the knowledge that Black Sabbath, at their best, communicated a howling weirdness that reminds me of true punk; the grunge era only really resurrected the cock rock riffs, which sure, were part of BS's lure, but they were only 1/4 of the sum. Rage was there in Ozzy voice, and the shifts, and their willingness to taunt listeners with a groove slowed to the point of a dirge. They lost it quickly, but that's what BS had when they were great.

These are from the pretty good Invaders comp from Kemado. Dunno much about Big Business; happy hunting. The Sword are all over the place.

Big Business - As the Day Was Dawning (super excellent yes yes)

The Sword - Under the Boughs

If you can't enjoy this so-heavy-it's-ridiculous music, you take yourself too seriously, like people who hate the Smiths.

buy Invaders and The Runners Four from Amp Camp.
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